Fintech Leader Marnie Keller Joins RiskScout As Vice President of Marketing


(AUSTIN, TX – NOV. 15, 2021) – RiskScout, the leading advanced BSA/AML compliance tech  solution for financial institutions seeking to enter high-growth emerging markets, has today  announced Marnie Keller as its new Vice President of Marketing, becoming the latest addition to its  rapidly expanding team. 

Keller is a trailblazer in the fintech realm of the banking industry, with extensive knowledge  of risk and compliance, combined with a proven track record of growing fintech startups. For  almost 20 years, she has spearheaded powerfully effective channel sales and marketing programs for  flourishing fintechs, developing solid partnerships and leveraging her deep knowledge and network  with many of those in the financial services industry.  

Her unique pairing of skills will enable her to continue to build upon RiskScout’s trusted  reputation in the marketplace while identifying valuable opportunities for growth by implementing  creative partnership packages for the company. 

"We are thrilled to welcome Marnie to the RiskScout team,” said Justin Fischer, CEO and  Co-Founder of RiskScout. “There is no one better suited to take on this role than her. Marnie's triad  of marketing and sales prowess, partnership building, and fintech expertise is wholly unmatched, and  puts her in the unique position to uplevel RiskScout's brand equity and lead generation in this  emerging markets space."  

RiskScout’s first-class team of compliance experts with BSA officer and examiner experience  has developed enterprise-grade software that connects the business and utilizes key data to help  drive critical decision-making. It’s especially powerful for highly profitable higher-risk markets such  as private ATMs, Money Services Businesses, Cannabis THC, Hemp, CBD, and Cryptocurrency, 

and others, often turned away by most community financial institutions due to the level of  compliance necessary and scale of resources needed to undertake. RiskScout offers a turnkey  solution to enable these institutions to enter underbanked markets and streamline maintenance of  regulatory compliance protocols. It has become the go-to onboarding and due diligence platform for  community financial institutions to efficiently roll out commercial banking services to cash-intensive  businesses within these markets.  

November 17, 2021