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Other Markets

Each financial institution has unique needs for their diverse community, so we built our platform to support both traditional and non-traditional markets. Regardless of what market you're serving, RiskScout is here to optimize your operational efficiency

Common Traditional Markets

Nestled in the backyard of every financial institution are these prevalent markets. We specialize in streamlining the end-to-end EDD process, encompassing onboarding, and effective management of ongoing compliance obligations.

Third Party Payment Providers

Streamline due diligence collections and prove risk mitigation efforts

Cash Intensive Businesses

Manage the end-to-end initial & annual CTR exemption process

Professional Service Providers

Gather comprehensive data during account opening to ensure KYB compliance

Charities & Nonprofit Organizations

Simplify due diligence, monitor business info, and mitigate risks

Jewelers & Precious Metal Dealers

Ensure KYB compliance across onboarding and relationship management 

Insurance, Loan & Finance Companies

Achieve regulatory compliance and substantiate risk mitigation efforts

Have a Different Market in Mind?

We have an ultra configurable system that allows us to create workflows for most anything including compliance, business operations, loan collection, and much more.

The Tools You Need to Make Compliance Easy

Introducing our revolutionary solution that surpasses traditional AML software limitations and addresses end-to-end regulatory requirements. Say goodbye to tedious client management with spreadsheets, calendar ticklers, and word documents.

RiskScout seamlessly complements your existing toolkit without requiring core integrations. Start using RiskScout today and enjoy peace of mind from day one!

Comprehensive customer onboarding with advanced filtering by risk type and KYC KYB software

Applicant Insights

Complex business models require robust information. RiskScout's market-specific applications deliver the insights you need to ensure the applicant is an ideal fit for your institution in a way you can easily understand.

Automate Your First Look

Take the guesswork out of vetting with our due diligence FirstPass reports. RiskScout verifies business claims, ensures licensing compliance, and detects red flags to help you make streamlined and informed risk-based decisions.

A screenshot of the FirstPass software showing verified data and red flags that need review
RiskScout Direct Secure Client communication instantly. Collect key information and files securely and in real time to ensure you have covered risk management and enhanced due diligence requirements

Instant Communication

Eliminate the burden of manual data collection. With RiskScout's Tasks feature, effortlessly engage in real-time communication with both prospective and existing customers, enhancing due diligence efforts and fostering streamlined collaboration for improved risk management efficiency.

Automate Recurring Due Diligence Collections

Get rid of the hassle of collecting recurring due diligence information manually. RiskScout's Checkpoints enables you to gather information directly from your Cannabis THC and Hemp clients, simplifying the process and saving you time.

A calendar with automated reminders from the Checkpoint feature in RiskScout's software
Case management software showing all the information a user would need to know about their suspicious activity report (SAR)

Case Management & SAR Tracking

Streamline compliance with RiskScout's tailored case management and SAR tracking tool. Ensure seamless adherence to FinCEN SAR filing requirements, efficiently track information, and simplify your compliance strategy with our intuitive interface and advanced SAR decisioning features.

Ongoing Monitoring

RiskScout's continuous monitoring gives you peace of mind by keeping a watchful eye on key business details and beneficial owners, including adverse media, bankruptcies, watchlist hits, SOS issues, licensing and more. With RiskScout, you'll be the first to know if anything changes with your customers.

An image of an alert notifying the user that their customer has gone bankrupt so they can respond accordingly
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