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Your Partner in Unlocking New Deposits in Your Own Backyard

Our mission is to ease the burden of compliance so that community financial institutions can deliver personalized experiences in underbanked higher-risk and specialty markets. In doing so, we help hard working entrepreneurs in these underserved markets access financial services.

Our Story

After decades of developing enterprise software for financial institutions, pioneering cloud banking and infrastructure, and writing regulatory compliance as part of the FFIEC, our team of financial professionals, regulators, and industry experts came together to solve a big problem for community financial service compliance. 

Financial institutions need to be able to grow their reach and find efficiencies in the back office. RiskScout helps to do both.

Compliance and operations tools are woefully aging and very expensive between their server installs and professional services. These legacy vendors are not listening to their institutions and they are stymied in legacy code. We have built a modern cloud-based system that is just as adept at opening new markets as it is configurable for business and compliance process automation to improve the bottom line.

By helping financial institutions solve these problems, they can bank more local businesses and people in that the money-center FIs won't. As your institution success grows, so does RiskScout, we are a true partner not a vendor.

Find out what we've been up to:

Our Team

Compliance Experts. Finance Veterans. Technology Pioneers. Community Partners.

Join the Team

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We trust you to manage your time and workload because you are the expert.


Push the limit of your skills turning complex compliance into simple solutions. 


We are a small team, so every Scout’s contribution has a big impact on our success.

Become a Scout and unlock:

  • Competitive Pay

  • Unlimited PTO

  • Equity Packages

  • 401K

  • Medical, Dental, & Vision benefits

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