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Where others see risk, we see opportunity.  

Our enterprise-level solutions are designed to ease the burden of compliance so that community financial institutions can deliver personalized experiences  in higher-risk and specialty markets. In doing so, we help hard working entrepreneurs in these underserved markets access financial services.

After decades of developing enterprise software for financial institutions, pioneering cloud banking and infrastructure, and writing regulatory compliance as part of the FFIEC, our team of experts came together to solve a big problem for community financial service compliance. 


Small to medium sized businesses in higher-risk and specialty markets are not able to access financial services because community financial institutions lack the resources, expertise, or infrastructure to expand their business portfolio into higher-risk markets. This compliance barrier leaves many hard working entrepreneurs without the financial services they need to grow their business. For us, that is unacceptable. 


By helping financial institutions solve complex compliance with simple solutions, we help local businesses in higher-risk markets find a community partner like you they can trust.

Our Story

Our Team

Compliance Experts. Finance Veterans. Technology Pioneers. Community Partners.
Justin Fischer

Co-Founder & CEO

Joshua Keys

Co-Founder & CTO

Rob Tompkins


Kristin Parker

Director of Compliance

Work with us

Passionate about solving complex problems? Become a Scout and join our team of experts. 


We trust you to manage your time and workload because you are the expert.


Push the limit of your skills turning complex compliance into simple solutions. 


We are a small team so every Scout’s contribution has a big impact on our success.

Here are the basic benefits we offer every Scout.

  • Competitive Pay

  • Unlimited PTO

  • Equity Packages

  • 401K

  • Medical, Dental & Vision benefits 

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