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FinTech &
BaaS Sponsorships 

Ignite the potential of your financial institution with FinTech and BaaS sponsorships. Expand reach, deliver innovation, and unlock new client segments for unparalleled growth in the dynamic financial landscape.

Why sponsor a FinTech or BaaS?

By sponsoring a FinTech or BaaS relationship, you open the door to collaborative opportunities that can drive growth and success for your financial institution.


Partnering with industry disruptors and tech-savvy innovators allows you to harness their expertise and capabilities to remain competitive in a rapidly evolving market.

Deposit Growth Catalyst

Sponsorships spark deposit growth by leveraging innovation and customer-centricity, attracting new deposits 

Fee Income Opportunities

Sponsorships create fee income opportunities, generate new revenue streams, and diversifies income sources

Exposure to New Client Segments

Sponsorships unlock new client segments, expand market reach, and diversifies the financial institution's client base 

Technological Edge

Sponsorships empower banks and credit unions with tech-driven solutions, gaining a competitive edge in the market

Enhanced Cross-Selling Opportunities

Sponsorships enhance

cross-selling, leveraging capabilities for targeted solutions and increased client engagement

Strengthened Digital Transformation

Sponsorships fuel digital transformation, leveraging expertise and accelerating competitiveness in a rapidly changing market

Industry Stats

Common FinTech & BaaS Sponsorships

A woman holding a credit card and shopping on an iPad
Retail Banking
A smiling waitress holding an iPad
Business Banking
Someone holding a phone with an image of a fintech on it
Someone scrolling on a smart phone beside a computer with their banking information

The Tools You Need to Make Compliance Easy

RiskScout understands that FinTech and BaaS relationships pose distinct BSA/AML challenges for financial institutions due to the nature of these businesses. Our tailored solutions address these challenges and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Comprehensive customer onboarding with advanced filtering by risk type and KYC KYB software

Applicant Insights

Complex business models require robust information. RiskScout's FinTech and BaaS applications deliver the insights you need to ensure the applicant is an ideal fit for your institution in a way you can easily understand.

Automate Your First Look

Take the guesswork out of vetting with our due diligence FirstPass reports. RiskScout verifies business claims, ensures licensing compliance, and detects red flags to help you make streamlined and informed risk-based decisions.

A screenshot of the FirstPass software showing verified data and red flags that need review
A calendar with automated reminders from the Checkpoint feature in RiskScout's software

Automate Recurring Due Diligence Collections

Get rid of the hassle of collecting recurring due diligence information manually. RiskScout's Checkpoints enable you to gather information directly from your FinTech and BaaS clients, simplifying the process and saving you time.

Prove Policy Adherence

Wave goodbye to reliance on manual tracking and ensure nothing goes unnoticed with RiskScout's EDD review scheduling tool. If it isn't documented, did it even happen? Prove your commitment to FinTech and BaaS policy adherence by effortlessly documenting audited information through our pre-built review templates.

RiskScout helps you automate the scheduling of your enhanced due diligence reviews so you have more time getting things done and less time having to plan
A picture showing RiskScout's built in Policy review feature, where FIs can ensure their processes are aligned with their compliance procedures

Stress-Free Audit & Exam Prep

Simplify your audit and exam prep process by consolidating document gathering from multiple systems. With RiskScout's audit and exam prep bundle downloads, you can select the desired documents, package them into a bundle, and effortlessly send them to your auditor or examiner in just three clicks.

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