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BSA/AML Platform

Our cloud-hosted platform uniquely bridges client data and interactions with modern BSA features not found in legacy financial crime systems. Reuse or create workflow templates including comprehensive onboarding applications, checkpoints, reviews and programs that are tailored to the type of entity, specific risk, regional requirements and FI risk tolerance. Fully automate your policy, procedures, and controls into RiskScout and leave the manual execution behind so you can focus on strengthening your compliance program.

A screenshot of the RiskScout product showing insights from a potential customer's onboarding application

Streamlined Onboarding & Filtering

RiskScout's modern onboarding application is fully configurable so you can evaluate entities to your standards. Whether you're looking to leverage one of RiskScout's pre-built best practice templates or create your own, you'll be able to filter out specific business types or characteristics to meet your institution's policies and risk tolerances. 

Built for All Markets

With a fully configurable workflow engine supporting over twenty markets and counting, you'll be able to reduce your compliance workload regardless of industry. This granular control of onboarding, collections, monitoring, and ongoing EDD allows you to save time while tailoring your program to your unique risk profile.

Gaming, FinTech, MSB, NBFI, ATM, NGO, CTR, High-Risk, Cash Intensives, C-Stores
A screenshot of the FirstPass software showing verified data and red flag that need review

KYC & KYB Made Easy

FirstPass is our turn-key KYC & KYB solution that's ready out of the box, not after a lengthy development process. By leveraging robust data sets including licensing data such as Cannabis, Hemp and MSBs, we reduce false positives and irrelevant findings so you can focus on catching true bad actors. 

Enhanced Due Diligence

Leave the manual work behind by leveraging Checkpoints that automate key information collection, monitor relevant persons and businesses with built in validation, and EDD reviews that are completely configurable and include a quality assurance cycle. Yes, it really can be that easy.

RiskScout Direct Secure Client communication instantly. Collect key information and files securely and in real time to ensure you have covered risk management and enhanced due diligence requirements
A calendar with automated reminders from the Checkpoint feature in RiskScout's software

Customer Experience

Our solutions include secure and direct interactions with your customers (businesses and people with accounts) to enable convenient and relevant communication in real time. Stop going back and forth to your email inbox and start messaging clients where you want your conversations documented - directly within your compliance platform.

Secure & Scalable

Good compliance features only matter if your data is safe and if the software grows with your institution. That's why we built a lightweight tool able to quickly expand and deliver new features without costly upgrades and server hardware.

Secure Cloud

RiskScout is hosted in the enterprise Google cloud with encryption at rest and transit. We are a SOC2 Type 2 certified platform and company and we deploy inline virus scanning for all files sent into the system as well as deploying key endpoint security to ensure the safety of the data on our system.

Roles & Instances

Give access to who you want when you want with a wide range of customizable roles to use different aspects of our solutions. We also support the holding companies or financial institution models so a user account can access multiple instances as required, ensuring everything you need is always at your fingertips.

SSO & Email

We support SAML SSO which allows our clients to utilize their existing identity providers to log into RiskScout instead of creating new credentials on a new system. We support email send-as configurations so your notifications to your customers still appear as though they're coming from your email servers to maintain a cohesive experience for your clients.

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