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RiskScout Solutions

RiskScout is a team of compliance professionals, ex-regulators, and financial technology experts who joined together to build better solutions for financial institutions. We offer expert advisory services paired with a robust platform of modern technologies and securely hosted in the cloud to make implementation and maintenance very easy. Our top priority is scaling growth for our clients by automating compliance burden while providing the best user experience for our client’s customers.

RiskScout BSA AML Platform with onboarding, KYC / KYB, monitoring and ongoing risk management.

Reuse or create workflow templates including comprehensive onboarding applications, checkpoints, reviews and programs that are tailored to the type of entity, specific risk, regional requirements and FI risk tolerance. Fully automate your policy, procedures, and controls into RiskScout and leave the manual execution behind so you can focus on strengthening your compliance program.

We recognize the need for comprehensive KYC & KYB that's integrated directly into your experience so you can quickly vet your clients and businesses against industry data in one convenient location. FirstPass is where automated reviews meet quality checks from former regulators and financial professionals, so we can reduce false positives and irrelevant findings and you can focus on catching true bad actors.

A screenshot of the FirstPass software showing verified data and red flags that need review
RiskScout Direct Secure Client communication instantly. Collect key information and files securely and in real time to ensure you have covered risk management and enhanced due diligence requirements

Why use email and phone calls when you can get more than 80% responses with convenient, digital communication? By including direct messaging and document collection with embedded virus scanning within the RiskScout platform, our clients are able to automate NRA due diligence, dormant account confirmation, closing document delivery, and hundreds of other communication and collection needs.

Our team of financial professionals & regulators will work with you to design tailored compliance solutions that meet your unique needs and goals. From policy and procedure development to ongoing risk assessment and everything in between, our advisors provide end-to-end support to ensure your institution is meeting all regulatory requirements.

Two bankers having working to tackle a challenging compliance task
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