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NRAs & Foreign Individuals

Capitalize on the significant deposit opportunities presented by Non-Resident Aliens (NRAs) and Foreign Individuals, with estimates ranging from hundreds of billions to one trillion dollars. By catering to this market, financial institutions can fuel their growth and contribute to the economic vitality of the nation.

Why Serve NRAs and Foreign Individuals?

Capture the untapped potential of serving NRAs and Foreign Individuals in your own backyard. By providing tailored financial services to this diverse segment, financial institutions can attract substantial deposits, expand their customer base, and drive growth in the domestic market.

Enhanced Deposit Base

Tap into substantial deposit potential from NRAs and Foreign Individuals in the US

Diversified Revenue Streams

Expand income opportunities by serving this diverse client segment within the US market

Build Client 

Build strong relationships with NRAs and Foreign Individuals, fostering long-term client loyalty

Expand Market Reach

Unlock untapped growth potential by serving a market that is often underserved in the US

Access New Lending Markets

Tap into underserved lending market, driving growth through financing opportunities 

Financial Inclusion 

Promote financial inclusion by offering banking services to US based NRAs and Foreign Individuals 

Market Stats

Common Categories of NRAs and Foreign Individuals

A smiling student holding a laptop and flags of the world
Foreign Students
Two workers smiling and chatting at a table
Foreign Workers
A group of people standing together and examining a developing building
Foreign Investors
A man working behind a desk with a laptop and a US flag
Green Card Holders

The Tools You Need to Make Compliance Easy

Our comprehensive tools and expertise assist financial institutions in efficiently addressing the unique BSA/AML demands posed by providing financial services to NRAs and Foreign Individuals, enabling you to stay compliant without unnecessary headaches.

Comprehensive customer onboarding with advanced filtering by risk type and KYC KYB software

Applicant Insights

Streamline the assessment of NRAs and Foreign Individuals against your FI's requirements with RiskScout's application. Gain critical insights to make informed relationship decisions, overcoming language barriers with our translation capabilities.

Automate Recurring Due Diligence Collections

Eliminate the manual burden of recurring due diligence data collection with RiskScout's Checkpoints. Gather updated information effortlessly from your NRA and Foreign Individuals clients, ensuring compliance with KYC and EDD requirements.

A calendar with automated reminders from the Checkpoint feature in RiskScout's software
RiskScout helps you automate the scheduling of your enhanced due diligence reviews so you have more time getting things done and less time having to plan

Effortless Review Tracking

Eliminate reliance on calendar reminders and spreadsheets with RiskScout's EDD review scheduling tool. Streamline your processes by documenting reviews directly within the platform using pre-built NRA and Foreign Individual specific review templates.

Ongoing Monitoring

Stay informed and at ease with RiskScout's continuous monitoring of NRAs and Foreign Individuals. Detect adverse media, bankruptcies, watchlist hits, and more, ensuring you're always in the know about any changes with your clients.

RiskScout notifies you automatically when a significant event occurs for your customers, like the bankrupcy that's depicted in the image
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