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Cannabis THC & Hemp Businesses

Become a catalyst for positive change in your local community by providing financial services specifically tailored to the unique needs of hemp and Cannabis THC businesses. By leveraging this opportunity, banks and credit unions contribute to public safety, drive economic development, and empower entrepreneurs to shape a prosperous future.

Why serve Cannabis THC and Hemp Businesses?

Break the cash-intensive cycle and promote public safety by serving legal Hemp and Cannabis THC businesses nationwide, regardless of your institution's state-level cannabis legalization status.

Cultivate Non-Interest Income

Unlock nationwide opportunities for non-interest fee income, fueling your institution's financial growth

Unlock Lending Opportunities

Seize high-yield lending opps, capitalizing on in-demand loans including equipment financing, SBA, and commercial lending

Maximize Fee Earnings

Tap into the potential of strong and mutually beneficial relationships to unlock lucrative fee income opportunities

Maximize Returns with Strategic Alliances

Deliver operational solutions for these businesses and earn "free" fee income through strategic partnerships

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Serving these industries demonstrates financial institution's foresight, staying ahead of trends and community needs

Diversify Revenue Streams

Serving the cannabis and hemp industry allows FIs to diversify their revenue streams, reducing reliance on traditional sectors

Industry Stats

Common Cannabis THC & Hemp Industry Participants

A cannabis farmer standing infront of his crop
A hemp leaf on top of a roll of hemp rope
A marijuana dispensary storefront
A warehouse ceiling filled with lights
Ancillary Services

The Tools You Need to Make Compliance Easy

Our comprehensive tools and expertise assist financial institutions in efficiently addressing the unique BSA/AML demands posed by providing financial services to Cannabis THC and Hemp businesses, enabling you to stay compliant without unnecessary headaches.

An application in the RiskScout solution for a potential hemp customer that wants to open an account

Applicant Insights

Complex business models require robust information. RiskScout's Cannabis THC & Hemp applications deliver the insights you need to ensure the applicant is an ideal fit for your institution in a way you can easily understand.

Automate Your First Look

Take the guesswork out of vetting with our due diligence FirstPass reports. RiskScout verifies business claims, ensures licensing compliance, and detects red flags to help you make streamlined and informed risk-based decisions.

RiskScout's FirstPass solution showing the results of vetting a potential customer and indicating where the user should do additional research
A calendar with appointments generated by RiskScout's Checkpoints solution to automate reminders for due diligence

Automate Recurring Due Diligence Collections

Get rid of the hassle of collecting recurring due diligence information manually. RiskScout's Checkpoints enable you to gather information directly from your Cannabis THC and Hemp clients, simplifying the process and saving you time.

Stay Informed, Mitigate Risk

RiskScout's Variance Tracking empowers your financial institution to proactively monitor the alignment of revenue and inflows within your Cannabis THC portfolio, mitigating potential risks and ensuring business transparency.

An image of a report generated by RiskScout to show a user the varience in customer activity over a period of time
Case management software showing all the information a user would need to know about their suspicious activity report (SAR)

Case Management & SAR Tracking

Streamline compliance with RiskScout's tailored case management and SAR tracking tool for THC Cannabis. Ensure seamless adherence to FinCEN SAR filing requirements, efficiently track information, and simplify your compliance strategy with our intuitive interface and advanced SAR decisioning features.

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