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BSA/AML Decoded: Investigations & Case Management

July 24th, 2024

2pm ET / 1pm CT

Investigations & case management are your compliance team’s detective work, piecing together clues to combating financial crime in our communities. In this session, former OCC regulator Ryan McInerny and former financial crime investigator Nina Lawson break down investigation & case management strategies through real life scenarios and experiences to help prepare your program.

Join this session to learn:

  • Effective investigation and case management techniques in BSA programs

  • Best practices for aiding law enforcement investigations

  • Innovative methods to improve your investigations of suspicious activity

To see rest of the series, watch Part 1 "BSA/AML Decoded: Breaking Down Risk Scoring" and register for Part 2 "BSA/AML Decoded: Unpacking Transaction Monitoring"

Meet the Presenters:

Ryan McInerny, Director of Product Strategy

Ryan McInerny is the Director of Product Strategy at RiskScout, where he is passionate about creating solutions to enhance the day-to-day lives of financial institution employees. He brings a wealth of regulatory and technical experience to his role as a former National Bank Examiner with the Office of The Comptroller of the Currency (OCC). At the OCC, Ryan was a member of the OCC’s northeast district committees for compliance and commercial credit, where he helped to identify changing industry trends and risk conditions. Ryan brings a strong business sense with his banking expertise, having received his Masters Degree in Business Analytics from UVA's Darden School of Business.


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