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Cannabis Banking Survey: Research Findings

RiskScout teamed up with the American Cannabis Bankers Association (ACBA) to survey banking and credit union professionals from around the country on their views surrounding Cannabis Banking. While much has been written about the conflicting views of players in the banking industry, but we have collected views on why financial institutions have gone into Cannabis Banking, why some are considering it but haven't taken the next step, and why some say they never will.

No matter your views are on banking cannabis, there is no denying that your staff is at risk of violating numerous federal regulations and guidelines if they don't know how to spot and process potential deposits sourced from the cannabis industry, even if you are in a state where cannabis is still completely illegal.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • Recent cannabis banking trends and outlooks on the industry

  • Common hurdles encountered when handling CRBs

  • Actionable takeaways to improve your due diligence on potential cannabis accounts


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