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The Customer is Always Right

The RiskScout team can toot its horn all day about the efficacy of our services (toot, toot), but it’s far more compelling to let real customers toot their horns for us (toot, toot, toot, please, and thank you). 

“One of the killer features of [RiskScout] to me is it's almost like a multi-purpose tool.” —Jack Starks

At our webinar, Bankers Helping Bankers Fund: RiskScout's Customer Spotlight, RiskScout CEO and Co-Founder Justin Fischer was joined by clients Deborah Lin, Assistant Vice President and Senior CRB Banking Lead at Blue Sky Bank, and Jack Starks, Senior Vice President of Compliance & Technology at American Bank. Deborah and Jack spoke frankly about their experiences with RiskScout. 

Takeaway 1: Time Flies When You Switch to RiskScout

When we say RiskScout streamlines your processes, we mean it. Our platform, which is easy to learn and extraordinarily user-friendly, allows you to onboard more clients more quickly. Deborah Lin’s testimonial is the proof in the pudding. 

“It is irrefutable the amount of resources that they have on their team between Justin, Ryan, and Kristin…we've been really grateful.” —Deborah Lin

Takeaway 2: The Scout Squad Slays

RiskScout’s team knows its stuff and shares its knowledge like good partners should. Experts Justin Fischer, Ryan McInerny, and Kristin Parker cover all bases, from out-of-state high-risk regulations guidance to BSA exam advice. 

“ version of RiskScout asks enough questions for my MSB BSA team, my new account team, and my Treasury management team.” —Jack Starks

Takeaway 3: The Swiss Army Knife of Solutions


One size doesn’t fit all. RiskScout’s platform is adaptable to meet your financial institution’s unique needs, including Jack’s request for additional questions on the MSB questionnaire is a perfect example. 

100% Happy, Referencable Customers

We are proud to empower community banks and credit unions like Deborah and Jack's to streamline and optimize their BSA/AML programs while increasing efficiencies and growing top-line revenue. Happy clients like them are why we love what we do every day and how we maintain 100% referenceable customers.

Become a happy customer today and let RiskScout help your institution meet its growth and success goals!


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