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Meet the Team: Kristin Parker

Hi Everyone! My name is Kristin Parker and I have been at RiskScout for a little over 2.5 years and I hold the position of VP of Compliance & Operations. I wanted to re-introduce myself and let you get to know me better, so enjoy some fun facts about me!

What was your first, favorite, or most unusual job?

My adventure into the workforce began at the lively "to-go's" station in a charming seafood eatery named Capt'n Pete's, nestled just outside the bustling city of Charlotte, NC. How did I end up there, you ask? Well, picture this: I was a 16-year-old, fresh from wrecking my first car and desperately in need of funds to cover the repair deductible.

Little did I know, fate had a quirky twist in store for me. Lo and behold, there was this fellow co-worker, attending the same high school as I did. I have to admit, at the time, I found him a tad annoying. You see, he always seemed to have a knack for scheduling his breaks to coincide with mine.

Fast forward 21 years—yes, you heard that right—and here I am, happily married to none other than that very same guy. We've embarked on an incredible journey together, raising two really authentic, smart, and caring kiddos. And guess what? Now we purposefully schedule our work breaks together. Life truly has a way of surprising us, doesn't it?

What made you enter the industry?

In the early 2000s, I found myself diving headfirst into the banking industry at Bank of America, driven by the need for stability and the allure of employee benefits. Little did I know that this field had a captivating power to draw people in, like a whirlpool of financial intrigue. However, after surviving not one, not two, but three bank robberies, I knew it was time for a change. It was at that moment that I set my sights on a career shift, ultimately landing a position in the BSA/AML compliance department at a humble community financial institution.

To my surprise, this new role proved to be far more exhilarating than I could have ever imagined. As a BSA professional, I found myself at the forefront of investigations, uncovering hidden networks of human trafficking, detecting cases of elder financial abuse, and even unraveling the intricacies of terrorist financing. It felt like being a real-life financial superhero, equipped not with capes and superpowers, but with spreadsheets and an unwavering determination to make a difference.

During my tenure as a BSA Officer, I had the unique opportunity to work with a diverse range of "higher-risk" businesses and individuals. From money service providers to ATMs, non-resident aliens, and even the booming hemp industry, my days were filled with a whirlwind of financial adventures. I must admit, it was a mixed bag of blessings and challenges. Without the right tools in my BSA toolkit, managing the ever-evolving requirements of enhanced due diligence (EDD) and know your customer/know your business (KYC/KYB) became a Herculean task, constantly leaving me feeling like I was playing catch-up.

Yet, amidst the chaos, a profound realization began to take shape. Most of these so-called "higher-risk" entities weren't the malicious masterminds we often associate with financial crime. Instead, they were simply struggling to effectively communicate with their financial institutions, lacking the necessary guidance and channels to navigate the intricate world of banking compliance. This insight ignited a passion within me to bridge the communication gap and educate these businesses on proper financial institution communication.

That's when RiskScout entered the scene, and everything fell into place. From the very first conversation with Justin Fischer, the CEO and Co-Founder, it was evident that RiskScout comprehended the limitations of existing legacy BSA tools. They understood the burden faced by BSA teams in navigating the complex realm of banking higher-risk customers or members. RiskScout's mission aligned perfectly with my newfound purpose—to empower bankers and credit unions with the tools they need to serve their communities effectively. With RiskScout, we're not just fighting financial crime; we're making a tangible, meaningful impact on the communities we serve, all while injecting a sense of enjoyment into our work.


Want to hear more about Kristin? Check out our Advisory Services page to see how she leads our team of experts to help financial institutions with risk assessments, program development, and more.


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