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SAR Wars: The Law Enforcement Awakens

In this session, we take you from the desk to detective and show you how your SARs can aid law enforcement efforts in your community. Through engaging insights and practical strategies, participants will learn how to weave a narrative within their reports that not only complies with regulations but also serves as a powerful tool for law enforcement investigations. Join us for an enlightening session where we demystify the SARs process, awakening the force within your financial reporting to support and collaborate effectively with law enforcement agencies.

Watch this session and learn how to:

  • Craft SARs as compelling stories to provide actionable insights

  • Navigate regulatory landscapes effectively while writing SARs for maximum impact

  • Elevate your role in fighting financial crime by mastering techniques that actively aid law enforcement

Meet the Presenter:

Kristin Parker, VP of Compliance and Operations at RiskScout

Prior to joining RiskScout, Kristin worked on both fraud and BSA teams, where she successfully created and implemented BSA monitoring programs at community financial institutions for varying higher risk industries like hemp, MSBs, ATMs, cannabis, and more. She was also recently selected by peers as PBC's Compliance Person of the year.


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