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Workshop: Navigating Compliance Challenges for FinTechs

Updated: 6 days ago

June 22, 2023

2pm ET / 1pm CT

In this enlightening 90-minute workshop, we aim to help financial institutions and fintech firms overcome the unique regulatory and compliance obstacles they face. We will explore topics like risk tolerance identification, tech support capabilities, compliance in higher-risk markets, compliance due diligence, leveraging licensing/regulators, managing compliance risk, and effective compliance training. Participants will leave with a wealth of knowledge on how to right-size their compliance approach and will gain insights from real-world case studies.

Join this workshop to:

  • Understand the importance of identifying target customers based on risk tolerance in the fintech industry

  • Learn about the tech capabilities that can support your financial institution (e.g., online banking services, APIs)

  • Gain insights into the unique compliance challenges faced by fintechs operating in high-risk markets and multiple jurisdictions

  • Acquire best practices for conducting compliance due diligence and risk assessments

  • Discover how to leverage licensing and regulators to validate due diligence and reduce regulatory risk

  • Become familiar with the tools for managing compliance risk

  • Learn about the concept of "right-sized" compliance and why over-compliance can strain relationships and increase workload

  • Understand the importance of compliance training and education for fintechs

  • Gain insights from case studies of successful compliance strategies