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Grow Your Institution While Streamlining Compliance

A Modern Cloud SaaS Designed to Reduce Manual Compliance Workloads So Financial Institutions Can Do More With Less

RiskScout BSA AML Platform with onboarding, KYC / KYB, monitoring and ongoing risk management.

Why RiskScout?

Comprehensive customer onboarding with advanced filtering by risk type and KYC KYB software

Seamless Client Onboarding

Quickly bring on new clients through your own branded portal while capturing all the due diligence information you need without the usual back and forth. 

Market Adaptive

Built to serve more than twenty unique markets, RiskScout can adapt to your individual needs and scale as you grow. 

RiskScout Market Flexibility supporting over 20 markets such as Baas, Cannabis, Hemp, CBD, Online Gaming, FinTech, MSB, NBFI, ATM, NGO, CTR, High-Risk, Cash Intensives, C-Stores
RiskScout Direct Secure Client communication instantly. Collect key information and files securely and in real time to ensure you have covered risk management and enhanced due diligence requirements

Direct Client Communication

Leave your unanswered emails in the past and get the client documentation you need when you need it through secure and direct communication within the platform. 

Modern BSA

With a cloud-based tool that doesn't require a costly core integration, you can simplify and streamline your processes without a daunting setup. 

RiskScout Modern Platform delivered from the cloud securely and in realtime for comprehensive BSA, AML, risk management, SAR filing, enhanced due diligence

RiskScout Results

"RiskScout has been an invaluable team and software for our growth and efficiency"
Deborah Lin, AVP at Blue Sky Bank

Built by BSA Professionals & Regulators

Comprehensive Apps

Risk-based decisions rely on comprehensive information collection

Automate Info Gathering

Reduce manual due diligence tasks and operations

Procedure Alignment

Ensure your procedures match your policy throughout your system

Optimized EDD Process

Streamlined market-specific review management

Market Specific

Adaptable to any market with over twenty out-of-the-box builds

Variance Tracking

Verify cannabis sales align with nature of business

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