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RiskScout and OMNICOMMANDER Team Up to Bring America’s Financial Institutions Opportunity to Enter Highly Profitable Emerging Markets


This new partnership between RiskScout and OMNICOMMANDER will provide the opportunity for financial institutions across the country to grow and promote their high-risk products in emerging markets.



RiskScout, the nation’s leading onboarding and BSA/AML business due diligence platform, has today formally announced its new partnership with OMNICOMMANDER, an integrated marketing agency tailored for financial institutions, providing the opportunity for America’s financial institutions the ability to grow and promote their high-risk products in a wide array of emerging markets.

Through this new relationship between RiskScout and OMNICOMMANDER, financial institutions across the country will have the ability to take advantage of OMNICOMMANDER’s full suite of unmatched digital marketing solutions to promote their banking products to emerging markets. This will include streamlined marketing campaigns and value points for new programs, SEO and SEM, development of custom microsites and websites designed for financial institutions, messaging and creation of visual collateral, all of which will enhance brand visibility in each financial institution’s marketplace.

“OMNICOMMANDER is excited about our strategic partnership with RiskScout,” states Eric Isham, CEO.

“With so many financial institutions across the U.S. looking for website, SEO, SEM, and digital marketing solutions as they enter or explore new markets, we continue to provide award-winning, customized solutions for those financial institutions.”

“With RiskScout and OMNICOMMANDER working in tandem, community financial institutions can propel growth by leveraging emerging and higher risk markets on a solid compliance foundation,” says Justin Fischer, President and CEO of RiskScout. RiskScout’s technology has been designed and developed from the ground up by former BSA officers and examiners with a deep bench of experience. The platform provides a turnkey technology solution to financial institutions to enter highly profitable markets, including private ATMs, Cannabis THC, Hemp, Money Services Businesses, Cryptocurrency, and others.    

About RiskScout
RiskScout provides a turnkey compliance technology solution to financial institutions to enter highly-profitable emerging markets such as private ATMs, Money Services Businesses, Hemp, Cannabis THC, Cryptocurrency, and others, which often necessitates maintaining considerable BSA/AML compliance protocols. RiskScout is designed and developed from the ground up by a deep bench of risk and compliance experts with BSA officer and examiner experience. RiskScout is providing community financial institutions and hard-working entrepreneurs with the innovative tools they need to grow and remain viable and competitive within their marketplace. For more information, visit

OMNICOMMANDER is a veteran-owned and operated financial institution website design and social media marketing firm. Focusing on member experience, the company ensures every touchpoint has a remarkable user experience. Along with the incredible design, OMNICOMMANDER creates sites with built-in mobile responsiveness, SSL encryption, and observance of ADA guidelines. OMNICOMMANDER provides marketing services including targeted marketing, branding, and social media, to enhance every aspect of a brand's digital presence. For more information, visit OMNICOMMANDER on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

November 3, 2021
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