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CEO Ask Me Anything: Managing Risk in Uncertain Times

Updated: May 18

June 15, 2023

3pm ET/ 2pm CT

Recent failures in the banking industry, as well as the passive legalization of cannabis in the United States and beyond, call out the need for ongoing, well-managed risk mitigation strategies, not only to keep your institution thriving, but to identify potential areas of growth without exposing your institution to additional risk. Join Quantivate CEO, Andy Vanderhoff and RiskScout CEO, Justin Fischer for this provocative and informative panel.

Andy was on the front lines of the now infamous Washington Mutual failure, and as a result, created Quantivate to help banks and credit unions mitigate the same risks facing WaMu at the time. Andy can provide context around the recent failure of Silicon Valley Bank, First Republic and Signature Bank and give helpful tips to help you navigate the destined increase in upcoming regulation and legislation proactively.

Justin serves as a CEO for RiskScout, a leading commercial BSA platform that streamlines complex compliance in verifying, onboarding, and managing emerging market businesses. Justin's 20 years of financial technology experience has helped him specialize in unlocking new deposits for financial institutions in their own backyards by enabling them to service higher-risk markets. By helping MSBs, NRAs, FinTechs, CRBs, and other specialty markets access financial solutions, banks and credit unions grow and become more connected to their communities.


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