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RiskScout Announces Advisory Services to Help Community Financial Institutions Increase Deposits

AUSTIN, TX – May 10, 2023 - RiskScout, a leading compliance technology company, announced today the launch of its new line of BSA/AML advisory services. The company's team of financial professionals and regulators have designed a suite of services aimed at helping community financial institutions safely navigate the complex regulatory landscape of the cannabis and fintech markets.

The new services include Quick Start packages, which will provide institutions with a clear roadmap to safely unlock new deposits in these high-growth markets quickly and efficiently. While the team is launching with a focus on FinTechs/BaaS and cannabis offerings, RiskScout will continue to add Quick Start bundles for additional higher-risk markets throughout the year. RiskScout is also offering ad hoc projects and ongoing services, including risk assessments, policies and procedures, consent order resolutions, and EDD reviews.

"I am thrilled to be able to offer community financial institutions even greater value through our team's expertise in BSA/AML compliance services," said RiskScout co-founder and CEO, Justin Fischer. "With our team's extensive experience in regulatory compliance, we're confident that we can provide community financial institutions with the guidance and support they need to safely and effectively serve customers in these rapidly growing markets."

This exciting announcement is accompanied by the promotion of RiskScout’s former Director of Compliance Kristin Parker to the role of Vice President of Compliance & Operations, increasing the momentum of a growing regulatory team to support customers. Parker also expanded her team recently to meet growing demand, bringing Compliance and Customer Support Specialist Lisa Pearson onboard in December and Senior Compliance Specialist Brian Nowak onboard in April to help lead the execution of the RiskScout services bundles.

"Amidst the ever-changing and complex regulatory environment, the demand for top-notch BSA/AML compliance services has reached an all-time high,” said Parker. “With an experienced team of financial professionals and regulators at the helm, community financial institutions can rest assured that with RiskScout, their compliance needs will be met with the highest level of professionalism and expertise."

RiskScout's new line of services will enable financial institutions to confidently and compliantly serve customers in the cannabis and fintech markets, helping them to unlock new deposits and grow their businesses. To learn more about these new offerings, visit the new webpage or get in touch.

About RiskScout

After decades of developing enterprise software for financial institutions, pioneering cloud banking and infrastructure, and writing regulatory compliance as part of the FFIEC, our team of experts came together to solve a big problem for community financial service compliance. 

Small to medium sized businesses in higher-risk and specialty markets are not able to access financial services because community financial institutions lack the resources, expertise, or infrastructure to expand their business portfolio into higher-risk markets. This compliance barrier leaves many hard-working entrepreneurs without the financial services they need to grow their business. For RiskScout, that is unacceptable. By helping financial institutions solve complex compliance with simple solutions, we help local businesses in higher-risk markets find a community partner like you they can trust.

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