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RiskScout Unveils “Launch” Program to Increase Access to Powerful BSA & KYC Automation

AUSTIN, TX, October 2nd, 2023 — RiskScout, a leading commercial BSA platform utilized to streamline emerging market businesses for financial institutions, is excited to introduce its groundbreaking Launch program. Designed to streamline BSA compliance by increasing accessibility to the company's cutting-edge BSA & Optimization system, the Launch program offers prospects the opportunity to get started in as little as one day, all at lower entry prices and with no long-term commitment.

Community banks’ and credit unions’ BSA and operations staff are facing increasing challenges when it comes to automating tasks to keep their institutions operating safely. RiskScout recognizes the importance of simplifying this process to help them grow their deposits and reduce overhead costs.

The Launch program offers the following key benefits:

  1. Rapid Onboarding: Prospective clients can now access RiskScout's KYB/KYC system in a matter of hours, with the ability to start their compliance journey in as little as one day.

  2. Cost-Effective Solutions: RiskScout understands the difficulty of getting expensive software approved by endless committees and boards before being able to try the solution. By reducing starting costs, customers can approve the system faster and reduce the time to value.

  3. No Long-Term Commitment: With no binding long-term contracts, financial institutions can leverage RiskScout's expertise and technology on their terms, without being locked into extended commitments.

"With RiskScout's Launch program, I was able to quickly and easily implement their software to help automate and streamline my specialty high risk customer program,” said Ben Baboval, Chief Compliance Officer at MainStreet Bank. “Even with my legacy BSA/AML software in place, RiskScout's software helps provide enhanced workflows and secure customer communication functionality to create several efficiencies with my processes. With this system, we'll be able to increase our efficiency and due diligence processes without increasing our headcount."

RiskScout's CEO and co-founder, Justin Fischer, commented on the program's launch, saying, "Legacy bank software providers take months to sell, implement, and configure traditional software, delaying value for overworked BSA and operations teams. The Launch program is a testament to our dedication to simplifying BSA compliance by creating innovation that gets these tools in the employees hands faster."

To celebrate the release of the Launch program, RiskScout is hosting a group demonstration for the system to show what other RiskScout customers have loved and how easy it is to get started. Save your seat today and visit to learn more.

About RiskScout:

After decades of developing enterprise software for financial institutions, pioneering cloud banking and infrastructure, and writing regulatory compliance as part of the FFIEC, our team of experts came together to solve a big problem for community financial service compliance. 

Financial institutions need to be able to grow their reach and find efficiencies in the back office. RiskScout helps to do both. By providing cloud-based software that streamlines and simplifies compliance and processes, banks and credit unions are able to better serve underbanked businesses and provide more financial services to their communities. By helping financial institutions solve complex compliance challenges with simple solutions, we help local businesses find a community partner they can trust.


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